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BJFe Honey Bee ODS (Standard)

hand wired by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe) Sweden

BJFe Honey Bee ODS (Standard)

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  • BJFe Honey Bee ODS (Standard) HBS- Warm dynamic overdrive, like an old Supro tube amp. Bjorn's hand wired masterpiece since 2002. The ODS (Standard) is the most requested configuration of Bjorn's Honey Bee since he began to hand wire them in 2002. He still hand makes them one at a time at his workshop in Sweden. They are voiced similar to the HB's produced from serial #187 into the #800's. With more upper mids content than his Retro version and less gain than the Modern version. Welcome the Honey Bee Overdrive Standard!

    There are plenty of warm, mild overdrive pedals out there, but few that sound like a HBOD. Works great with other effects and distorted amps to create a fat, warm overdrive character. Dynamics that can be easily adjusted from clean to overdrive with the touch of your hand is also a major feature. HBOD is an overdrive that features an overwhelmingly dynamic response even in a pedal system. With the headroom and frequency response of a small old amp, even a big amp sounds like it was recorded with a small amp. In addition, it can be operated optimally in any position in a complex pedal system. The Drive knob may feel like it has little effect on its own. Set it to 12 o'clock and pluck the strings hard to feel the dynamics. The Nature knob is an adjustment of the frequency range of the distortion. Counter-clockwise increases lows and low-mids, while clockwise provides a softer output. Try setting this control around 12 o'clock. Normally, turning it slightly counterclockwise from there will give you a well-balanced guitar sound. The Vol knob adjusts the volume balance when the effect is on. Start by setting it at 12 o'clock and adjust the tone from there. An example of using HBOD is to connect it to a clean amp and add clarity and distortion to the tone depending on how hard you pick. Flat guitar strings produce a mellow tone, while round strings produce an old-style light distortion. Placing the HBOD last in the pedal system gives it a softer response and a little boost in the low-mids. It is also ideal for correcting bright amps and tones that have a "ceiling effect" in the high range. When combined with a compressor, connecting HBOD before the compressor provides distortion that expands the dynamics of the tone without changing the level, and placing HBOD after the compressor allows the compressor to keep the HBOD input level constant. . You can use this to adjust the sustain of HBOD with the compressor. HBOD's dynamic performance makes it feel like it sustains longer, and works well in combination with other effects .HBOD has a high input impedance that matches guitar pickups, and the output is set to a maximum value of about 50K, matching guitar amps, many effectors, and tape echoes. Honey Bee OD Special runs on a 9V battery or a standard 2.1mm barrel type center negative DC9V adapter. Current consumption is about 3.9mA (2.8mA when the effect is off). When the supply voltage drops to 6V, the tone becomes muffled and the LED becomes dim. In that case, replace the battery or check the connected adapter. Z in at 1kHz: app. 370K Pout 1kHz in 50k: app. 28uW RMS Max load: app. 50KMax output: 0V8 peakMax current consumption: 3mA95 at 10VMax gain at 1KHz: app. 40dB Max input signal: 3V peak Supply Voltage range : 6-12V

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