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BJFe LA Distortion 5K

hand wired by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe)

BJFe LA Distortion 5K

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  • BJFe LA Distortion 5K (LA5K)

    "The LA distortion has 54dB gain in vintage mode and 66dB gain in high gain mode. It is approximately as dense with a strat as it is with a Les Paul. What makes this design special is that it has a lot of unfiltered gain just like early distortion boxes. HG mode gives more contemporary filtering and higher gain. In spite of it’s heavy gain this is not a streamlined sound but it is dense and fat and vintage flavoured, giving a vocal sound similar to some fuzzes on the unwound strings but with tremendous sustain... it gives a huge distortion sound as used before 1980 on major stages and also since then for professional guitarists playing other music than shred. It is a classic distortion sound and much softer than modern high gain. This design is also very low noise considering the kind of gain it can produce”

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