BJFe Model G

BJFe Model G

  • BJFe Model G (MG) - Models the sound of the Gibson GA-40.

    The Model G captures the unique voice and response of an often overlooked brand of amps from the ’50s/’60s ~ the Gibsons that were right there at the beginning with Fender, Valco, Vox and Marshall.

    The MG’s sound is somewhere near the Tweeds and Supros but with a stronger and clearer voice, and a particular upper mid sound and snarl.

    The Model G is related to the Honey Bee in the same way a Gibson Falcon or GA40 is related to a Supro…cousins with obvious similarities, but important differences.

    Enclosure is a beautiful artist custom with gold leaf on black. The 5K is the most versatile Model G made to date..

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