BJFe Model G 5K artist custom

hand wired by Bjorn Juhl

10th Anniversary Special Edition 

BJFe Model G 5K artist custom

  • BJFe Model G artist custom (MG5K) - Models the sound of the Gibson GA-40.

    The Model G captures the unique voice and response of an often overlooked brand of amps from the ’50s/’60s ~ the Gibsons that were right there at the beginning with Fender, Valco, Vox and Marshall.

    The MG’s sound is somewhere near the Tweeds and Supros but with a stronger and clearer voice, and a particular upper mid sound and snarl.

    The Model G is related to the Honey Bee in the same way a Gibson Falcon or GA40 is related to a Supro…cousins with obvious similarities, but important differences.

    Enclosure is a beautiful artist custom with clearcoat over gold leaf on black. Only 10 will be made in this format to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Bjorn's Model G. This 5K has Bjorn's latest upgrades and is the most versatile Model G made to date.