Lundgren BJFE Strat Bridge

Lundgren BJFe Strat Bridge

  • Bridge pickup  intended to solve problems since 1950's.

    BJFE is a pickup for strats, aimed to solve problems that have been around since the 50’s. First we’ve beefed up the weaker bridge-pickup and given it a smoother, rounder tone. Secondly we’ve managed to achieve a compact and tight clear sound when playing with distortion. Strats can have a tendency to sound weak and thin played with distortion, but with the BJFE we’ve solved that problem. But take notice, we haven’t used double coils or other humbucking tricks – this is still a true single coil pickup with all the magic that goes with it. We now offer bridge pickup only as well. It has a steelplate under the magnets which acts like a magnetic reflector. Made inhouse. The pickup is touch sensitive and direct. People who tried the BJFE, and also tried ”almost every pickup on the market”, tell us that they finally found what they’ve been looking for. Pickup is delivered with component and schematic. Cover, screws and rubber spacers included.

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