Moody Sounds BJF JFET Compressor kit

Moody Sounds BJF JFET Compressor kit

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  • The JFET compressor kit is designed by Björn Juhl.

    We offer BJF JFET compressor, with carefully selected components. The circuit creates a pulse when you send a guitar signal to it. The pulse affects the amplification of the circuit so that peaks are evened out and so that the tone remains when the volume from the guitar decreases.

    As the name suggests, the volume is controlled by a field effect transistor (JFET). There are several well-known compressors that are based on similar technology, such as the Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer. Some of them can be difficult to get the right touch on for the builder. It may be hard finding matched transistors and to give the pedal a dynamic compression. The BJF JFET compressor has a detector that is as advanced as many studio compressors, and no matched pair is needed, but the working point is set with a trim pot. There is a very big difference between JFET transistors, even though they have the same designations, and even from the same batch, but the trim pot range is covers some variations, and a suitable JFET is included in the kit.

    JFET Compressor has three control knobs, Volume, Treble and Compression. It has true bypass. Powered with 9v power supply or battery. All the components, including a pre-drilled anclosure are included to complete the compressor.

    This is not a kit that is recommended if you are testing pedal building for the first time. The components sit tightly on the board and they are relatively many to keep track of!

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