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Moody Sounds BJF Universal Germanium PNP Fuzz kit.

designed by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe) w/quality components

(2) Germanium PNP OC75's or equivalent.

Transistor socket to try different PNP transistors.

uses standard 9v center negative (-) power supply or battery.

OK to daisy chain.

Moody Sounds BJF Universal Germanium PNP Fuzz kit

  • We offer the PNP Fuzz kit. Based on the same principle as the PNP Booster. It adapts PNP transistors to minus grounded pedal chains. PNP is by far the most common transistor type in vintage pedals, and to avoid having to mess with positive ground power supplies, you can use the trick in the PNP Fuzz kit to run PNP transistors with minus ground.

    The fuzz circuit itself is quite direct and has a fuzz face-like structure. We have installed trimmers in interesting places to let you tweak the sound before the lid goes on. The knobs are Fuzz, Volume and Saturation.

    The complete kit contains two PNP Germanium OC75's or equivalent and a transistor socket to test other transistors. All parts required to complete the pedal. including pre-drilled enclosure are also included. True bypass. 9V battery or standard center negative power supply.

    DIY kits contain complete instructions and all components needed to build the effect including pre-drilled enclosure. 

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