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Olsson Amps "Brownie" (modified blues breaker)



Olsson Amps "Brownie"

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  • Olsson Amps "Brownie" (modified blues breaker)

    Brownie is an overdrive inspired by a maxed out British tube amp heard on a famous album that was released 1966. A sought-after sound that changed guitar tone forever.

    This is overdrive in its purest form, mild, rich, open, and mind-blowingly transparent. Just close your eyes and everything will sound and feel like an old British, no master volume, tube amp on 10.

    Brownie is tons of glittery overtones in a responsive and ultra-dynamic, mild, drive pedal. Very little compression that lets you, your fingers and your guitar be the decision-making drivers. Used as a boost with very low gain settings will it open up and make any tube amp come alive.


    But Brownie are much more than that, flip over the toggle switch from tight to full and you get more of everything. A thicker and much fuller sound with more gain on tap will jump out of your speakers.

    It is basically an extra drive pedal that is perfect for going from a rhythm to a lead sound or from humbuckers to single coils. Or simply when you just want more.


    The combination of the air and tone knobs gives you the ability to tailor the top end to perfectly fit your needs. It gives you complete control over your sound and to be able to adjust for different guitars or amps.


    Brownie lets you take dynamics and transparency to a whole new level.




    Input impedance: 670kΩ

    Output impedance: 10kΩ

    Power supply: 9 V

    Max current: 10mA

    Battery type: 9V 6F22

    Controls: Drive, Level, Tone, Air and Full/Tight

    External connectors: Input jack, Output jack and DC jack

    Pedal size incl. knobs: (W x H x D) 69mm x 46mm x 112mm / 2.72” x 1.81” x 4.41”

    Weight excl. battery and packaging: 225g / 7.93 lbs

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