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One Control 1LoopBOX

One Control Minimal Series 1LoopBOX is a sturdy and simple effects loop switcher. One Control is the world’s first manufacturer that has succeeded making a loop switcher in this small of an enclosure by using a revolutionary new PC board layout.

You can use the 1LoopBOX in various ways – when the footswitch is OFF, the signal from the input goes directly to the OUTPUT. When the footswitch is ON, the signal from the INPUT is sent to the SEND jack, and the signal from the RETURN jack is sent to the OUTPUT. To keep your signal pure, the One Control Minimal Series 1LoopBOX uses true bypass switching with a high-quality mechanical footswitch.

When using the 1LoopBOX as an effects loop, you can turn on/off multiple effects pedals at once.