One Control BJF-S100 amp head

Bjorn's new two channel Class D plexi offering

Marshall voiced with an echoplex style tape delay

Rhythym and hot rodded gain channels

• Inspired by late-60s’ and 70s’ high-powered tube amp tones
• Extremely efficient Class D power amp design; preamp is discrete,
solid-state all-analog signal path for pure tone
• 2 channels:
- Lead Channel modelled after the “worn-down tube” sound of hotrodded
tube heads of the late ’60s / early ’70s
- Rhythm Channel delivers bold clean sounds, with low midrange
body and sparkly highs, of stock 60s’ early 70s’ tube heads
• 4-band EQ (dedicated per channel)
- BASS: 70Hz + -20dB
- MID: 540Hz + -10dB
- TREBLE: 4kHz + -20dB
- PRESENCE: +10dB at 6kHz
PRESENCE, MASTER VOL controls per channel
• Tape echo style delay (dedicated per channel)
• Output: 30W / 16Ω | 66W / 8Ω | 100W / 4Ω
• Dimensions (W × D x H): 10.4" × 3.7" × 4.0" (not including knobs)

One Control BJF-S100 amp head

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