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One Control EM112C


One Control EM112C

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  • One Control EM112C

    1x12" cabinet fitted with Eminence Alessandro GA-SC64

    The BJF OC-EM112C speaker cabinet is a portable and lightweight speaker cabinet especially designed by One Control and Björn Juhl to be the perfect cab for the BJF-S66 amplifier. This enclosure is loaded with the Alessandro-designed Eminence GA-64 8 ohm speaker, a driver that was specifically selected by Björn to give you classic American tone with tight, punchy bass, warm mids, and open highs.This cabinet can give you that classic open-backed speaker tone like your favorite American combo amps from the 1960s, and can handle all the power that the BJF-S66 can dish out. With the classic look of black tolex and silver grille cloth vibes the One Control OC-EM112C not only captures the sound, but also the visual vibes of yesterday while staying firmly in the modern era construction-wise. Find your classic tone with this great sounding cabinet from One Control!

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