The various types of effectors are easily available now, such as overdrives and boosters, which are known as many masterpieces, and overdrives that can also produce sounds like real amps. The sound that the guitarist wants to overdrive is simple in words, making the tone of the guitar stand out, and while playing out in front, it's a sound with a nice edge, with a good edge to play. It is also common to many legendary sounds, and is the tone that guitarists continue to seek from the beginning of rock to the present. Marigold Orange OverDrive is an overdrive that brings its features to life and creates the sound that guitarists need most. The sound of the guitar also changes greatly depending on the characteristics of the connected amp. For tube amps, high-quality amps that can produce the same sound, and even high-quality digital modeling amps, you can simultaneously bring out beautiful edges and guitars without significantly changing the input signal to the amp. The tone that lifts the mid range lightly highlights the tone of the guitar or amp. Traditional transistor amps and classic amp modeling, on the other hand, require a traditional overdrive that is more aggressive in front of the key bands of the guitar and produces a tighter distortion. Marigold Orange OverDrive is an overdrive pedal that combines those features. By simply switching the slide switch below the output terminal according to the characteristics of the connected amplifier, you can select FLAT mode that highlights the tone of the amplifier and MID mode that produces a more overdriven sound.With this switch, if you select the MID mode, you can raise around 800 Hz by about +6 dB. In FLAT mode, while having a peak at around 800 Hz, the low and high frequencies can be further expanded, and the signal of the guitar can be transmitted to the amplifier without excess. The classic overdrive is too aware of the mid range, and the low mid to lower may be too sharp. On the other hand, the overdrive that does not season the guitar tone and outputs as it is, the overtone component may be too thin to be aware of the flat response. Marigold Orange OverDrive allows you to control the overtones at the same time while having a solid core in the lomid. Set to an area one octave above general overdrive, the TONE control creates a floral overdrive sound with flat response and no loss of harmonics. Depending on the live stage, studio, band, etc., it is easy to select whether to make the tone of the tube amplifier stand out just by switching the switch, or to "measure" the transistor amplifier. "It is also an overdrive pedal that guitarists today are looking for. ● Features ・ The overdrive that can change the character with FLAT / MID switch ・ Low mid with wick, TONE control that can freely adjust the guitar sound with harmonics ・ overtone component-DRIVE control control to cover from the booster to the main overdrive- Mini size pedal that can be carried anywhere- Drive with 9V battery possible ● Control · LEVEL: Adjust the volume. It is also possible to use it as a booster. ・ DRIVE: Adjust the strength of distortion. Volume control is also possible in combination with LEVEL. • TONE: Adjusts the timbre balance, especially the harmonic component. • FLAT / MID: Select FLAT mode to emphasize the tone of the amp and MID mode to create a traditional overdrive sound. ● Specifications Input Impedance: 260 K Output Impedance: 25K driving voltage: 9V Current consumption: 3.5mA S / N ratio: 90 dB Size: 39Wx100Dx31H mm (excluding projections) 47Wx100Dx48H (including protrusions) mm Weight: about 160 grams (when the battery insertion 200g) ※ Battery is not included.

One Control Marigold Orange OverDrive

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