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One Control Marigold Orange OverDrive

The envy sound of marigolds
There are many famous overdrives and boosters, as well as overdrives that can sound like real amps. You can easily get a style effector.

The sound that guitarists look for in an overdrive is simple: a sound that accentuates the tone of the guitar, brings it forward, is pleasant to play, and has an exquisite edge. It's the tone that guitarists have been asking for from the beginning of rock to the present day, with many legendary sounds in common.

MARIGOLD ORANGE OVERDRIVE is an overdrive that explores its characteristics and creates the most necessary sound for today's guitarists.

The sound of a guitar can also change greatly depending on the characteristics of the amp you connect it to.
For tube amps, quality amps that can produce a similar sound, or even high-quality digital modeling amps, there is a need to bring the beautiful edge and guitar forward without significantly changing the input signal to the amp. The tone that lifts the midrange lightly accentuates the tone of the guitar or amplifier.

Traditional transistor amps and classic amp modeling, on the other hand, require a more traditional overdrive that pushes the guitar's key frequencies forward and produces solid distortion.

MARIGOLD ORANGE OVERDRIVE is an overdrive pedal that combines those features.
By simply switching the slide switch under the output terminal according to the characteristics of the connected amp, you can select FLAT mode, which emphasizes the tone of the amp, or MID mode, which creates a more overdrive-like sound.

With this switch, you can raise about +6dB around 800Hz when you select MID mode.
In FLAT mode, while still having a peak around 800Hz, the low and high frequencies are further expanded, allowing the guitar signal to be fully conveyed to the amp.

Classic overdrives are too conscious of the midrange, and sometimes the bottom of the low-mid is cut too much.
On the other hand, an overdrive that outputs the guitar tone without adding any seasoning may result in overtones that are too conscious of a flat response.

MARIGOLD ORANGE OVERDRIVE has a solid core in the low-mids, while at the same time allowing you to freely control overtones. The TONE control is set one octave higher than a typical overdrive, creating a gorgeous overdrive sound that maintains a flat response without losing overtones.

Depending on the live stage, studio, band, etc., you can easily choose whether to make the tone of the tube amp stand out simply by switching the switch, or "countermeasures" for the transistor amp. ” is exactly the overdrive pedal that today’s guitarists want.

・Overdrive that allows you to change characters with the FLAT/MID switch
・A guitar sound with a solid low-mid and a strong presence
・TONE control that allows you to freely adjust overtone components
・DRIVE control that covers everything from the booster to the main overdrive
・Mini size pedal that you can take anywhere
・Powered by a 9V battery

LEVEL: Adjusts the volume. It can also be used as a booster.
・DRIVE: Adjusts the strength of the distortion. You can also control the volume in combination with LEVEL.
・TONE: Adjusts the tone balance, especially the overtone components.
・FLAT/MID: Choose between FLAT mode, which emphasizes the tone of the amp, and MID mode, which creates a traditional overdrive sound.

impedance: 260K
Output impedance: 25K
Drive voltage: 9V
Current consumption: 3.5mA
S/N ratio: 90dB
Size: 39Wx100Dx31H mm (not including protrusions)
    47Wx100Dx48H mm (including protrusions)
Weight: Approx. 160 grams (with batteries inserted) 200 grams)
*Batteries are not included.

There are two types of guitarists.
The type that prefers MARIGOLD ORANGE OVERDRIVE (MOODn) and the type that prefers PERSIAN GREEN SCREAMER (PGSn).
────Bjorn Juhl

One Control Marigold Orange OverDrive

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