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One Control Purple Humper

The PURPLE HUMPER is perfect for those seeking a warm vintage mid-range booster with a British-feeling, large output amp tone. At higher settings, the PURPLE HUMPER creates a vintage hollow body guitar tone.


Input impedance: 330K
Output impedance: 1K
Drive voltage: 9V
Current consumption: 3.6mA
S/N ratio: -100dB
Size: 39Wx100Dx31H mm (excluding protruding parts)
47Wx100Dx48H mm (including protruding parts)
Weight: Approx. 160 grams
True-Bypass Switching
High Quality Aluminum Enclosure
Power: 9V Battery or Standard DC Power Supply

Bjorn's Description

Mid-range frequencies are considered to be the most important component of the guitar sound.

The History
In the 1960s, some of the amps made in the U.K. had built-in mid-boosters, bringing mid-range sound to the front of the stage. Mid-range was also highlighted by the famous wah-wah pedals. Legendary overdrive pedals made in the 70s were also known for their emphasis on the mid-range.

The PURPLE HUMPER was originally developed in response to requests for a versatile pedal based on the mid-boost circuit from the Stratocaster. Why? So that guitarists can attain a similar sound on different guitars. In order to do this, the 60s Stratocaster output level was adjusted to the output level of a 60s ES-335. Additionally, other adjustments were made to support various pickups.

The Design
One Control paid close attention to the sound this pedal makes. While there are many pedals that boost the mid-range, the sound of PURPLE HUMPER is neither an overdrive nor a wah sound. It is different from any other mid-range booster you've ever heard.

It actually provides a supreme British-feeling, large output amp tone that has excellent guitar tonal balance. Typically, mid-boosters extract the mid and create a muffled sound. I wanted to avoid this at all costs. Expect the PURPLE HUMPER to change the sound of your clean transistor amp into a British flavored vintage sound. I promise nothing but an exquisite clean tone that'll make you want to play all night long.

Using the PURPLE HUMPER with a distorted amp setting and other distortion effects is definitely recommended. However, the frequency range of the PURPLE HUMPER is broad enough for any type of music that requires an extra boost. When used with distortion effects, you can create a real, shiny and smooth guitar sound while maintaining the original distortion tone.

By adjusting the knob and combining with guitar amps, you can change the hard transistor amp clean sound into a shiny British sound, change the Stratocaster bridge pickup into a sound like a hollow body neck pickup, or create an 80s metal lead tone, or add heavier distortion with a single coil.

It was tested with single coil, humbucker, P-90 and active pickups to ensure nothing but the highest quality sound

The Knob
The single Blend control plays an important role in ensuring the pedals controllability. Blend control panoramizes input and boost signals through the buffer. At the minimum setting, it hardly changes the tone but at the same time creates a BJF signature warm buffer sound. At the maximum setting, it creates a powerful mid-range boost up to eight times (+15db) of the input signal.

While the boost level is great, the PURPLE HUMPER does not raise the acoustic volume due to its nature. Hence, you can use the full range of the knob without tampering the sound when combining with other effects.

Like many other boosters, the PURPLE HUMPER creates different effects depending on the order you connect it to other distortion effectors at once.

You can connect the PURPLE HUMPER at any point in your effect chain. I highly recommend that you use it by itself for the first time in order to fully understand the effect. Once this is completed, place it wherever you'd like! For the best possible results, set the Blend knob in the appropriate position until you achieve a clean tone that you enjoy. Evidently, adjust the knob when you change amp or guitar. At the end of the day, this is only one way of configuring the PURPLE HUMPER. Use it as you like, and experiment!

If you leave it ON, like a preamp, it works perfectly as a lead booster or as a pedal to decrease/control an amps brightness.

Please note that One Control and BJF have not produced a large volume of the PURPLE HUMPERs. Get yours today before it's too late!

Owners of this rare product say it is unlike any other mid-booster.

- Bjorn Juhl

One Control Purple Humper

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