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One Control Rebel Red Distortion 4K (modded marshall)

Sometimes you just want a little EXTRA.

The original Rebel Red Distortion (RRD) was designed for those who sought those tones that emanated from older 70s and 80s UK based tube amps that had been modded by the new generation of amp techs in Southern California and elsewhere. JMP and JCM era flavors with perhaps a little Josè touch to goose the gain to new levels of dynamic compression and distortion.

The new RRD4K (four knob) model adds an innovative “Drive” control to allow players to effectively control the pre-gain staging within the pedal, similar to how adding an extra stage of tube preamp in those amp mods enabled players to “goose” those amps to levels of distortion never attainable before. The treble control has been revoiced to allow most frequencies through while sculpting the upper range to mate with most varieties of tube and solid-state amplifiers.

Our original RRD was designed with a very clean sounding older combo in mind and had a distortion that was thick and darker sounding. This new upgrade makes the RRD4K a much more versatile model that retains the thick lower mids of the original with enhanced treble emphasis and with more precise control of the gain structure to go from a ragged tube overdrive to a raging hard rock and metal dynamics you can expect from a Björn Juhl pedal.



Input Impedance:500K
Output Impedance:25K
Power:DC9V Negative Tip 2.1mm Barrel
Current Draw:2.5mA

One Control Rebel Red Distortion 4K

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