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One Control Tuner MKII w/BJF Buffer


Easy to see with a large display yet small size for easy handling.
Easy operability for quick and accurate tuning. The tuner that realizes all of these is the One Control Minimal Series Tuner MKII with BJF BUFFER.

A mini-size tuner is very effective for maximizing the limited size of your pedal board.
However, just because it's smaller does not make it harder to use or the display harder to see.

The display of the Minimal Series Tuner MKII with BJF BUFFER has a two-level display system to achieve an accuracy of ±0.5 cents, allowing you to handle everything from stage, recording sessions, and guitar intonation-with operability that is rock solid.

The pitch is displayed large in the center of the display. And on the top and bottom of the display the current pitch is shown.
If the bottom of the display is lit, the pitch is low, and if the top is lit, the pitch is high. When the pitch is correct, the center of the display lights up-simple and sensible operability.

"In tune" (the center of the display lit) indicates that you are exactly within ±2 cents of pitch.

From here, if you pursue the pitch further, the indicator in the center of the top and bottom of the display will light up. Up and down mean the pitch is high and low, and when both the top and bottom indicators are lit, the tuning accuracy is ±0.5 cents.

By making it possible to display ±2 cents and ±0.5 cents at the same time, it covers everything from tuning that needs to be handled in an instant on stage to tuning that is necessary for recording and intonating the guitar.

Of course, it also has a built-in BJF BUFFER that can be active or passive.



This amazing circuit is installed in many switchers as well as this new tuner from One Control.
It is one of the most natural-sounding buffer circuits ever created that destroys the old image people have from using old buffer circuits that changed the tone of the instrument.



Precise Unity Gain setting to 1 Input impedance will not change the tone Will not make output signal too strong Ultra-low noise output When the input it overloaded, will not degrade the output tone.

Created at the request of many of the world’s greatest guitarists by Björn Juhl, one of the greatest amp and effects designers in the world, the BJF Buffer is the answer to keeping your tone pristine in all sorts of signal chains, from the stage to the studio.

The state of the BJF BUFFER is displayed on the display, so you can instantly see if it is ON or OFF.

Even when bypassed through the buffer the natural tone is not lost. At the same time, the signal itself is strengthened to prevent attenuation caused by the degradation of cables and jacks. The signal output is muted when the tuner is on, allowing comfortable tuning.
In addition, the small housing that doesn’t take up unnecessary space on the pedalboard allows you to maximize the area of your pedalboard.

The Minimal Series Tuner MKII with BJF BUFFER is the kind of tuner every guitarist/bassist desires.


●Calibration settings for a wide range of concert pitches:

The Minimal Series Tuner MKII with BJF BUFFER can set the reference pitch at A4 = 436 to 445Hz (1Hz steps). Changing the reference pitch by just 1 Hz can change the image of a song completely. By supporting various concert pitches, you can tune with confidence regardless of your playing style.


● Calibration (standard pitch) setting:

Sets the calibration (reference pitch for tuning, center A sound of piano = A4) in the range of 436 to 445 Hz. The factory setting is 440Hz.

1. Press the CALIBRATION button.
The current setting will appear in the note name display for a few seconds (lit → flashing).

2. Press the CALIBRATION button while the setting is displayed to set the calibration.
The setting changes each time the button is pressed.

0: 440Hz, 1: 441Hz, 2: 442Hz, 3: 443Hz, 4: 444Hz, 5: 445Hz, 6: 436Hz, 7: 437Hz, 8: 438Hz, 9: 439Hz

3. After completing the settings, wait about 2 seconds without pressing any buttons.
The note name display flashes three times, and the calibration setting is completed. After that, it will return to tuning mode.


●The convenience of a pedal tuner:

In recent years, the performance of clip tuners (which have a built-in clip-type microphone and pick up vibrations from the head and body) has improved. Clip tuners can inevitably pick up vibrations and pitches of other instruments when tuning on live stages where loud sounds are produced. The pedal tuner detects the signal directly from your guitar/bass, allowing you to tune quickly and reliably on stage.



・BJF BUFFER (at tuner bypass)
Input impedance: 500KΩ
Output impedance: 60Ω or less

Temperament: 12 notes equal temperament
Measurement range: E0 (20.60Hz) to C8 (4186Hz)
Standard pitch range: A4 = 436 to 445Hz (1Hz steps)
Input impedance: 1 MΩ (when tuner is ON)

·Power Supply
Adapter: DC9V adapter, center minus, inner diameter 2.1mm

Current Consumption: Max 40mA

・Size: 94D x 44W x 47H mm (including protrusions)
・Weight: 134g

One Control Tuner MKII w/BJF Buffer

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