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used Satellite Amps Sully Limited #27 of 40

own a piece of history from the board at the Ed Sullivan Theater (1948-71)

hand wired and signed by Adam Grim

excellent condition

a dirty booster with a single bias/volume control

rich harmonics and upper mids content


from Adam:

Years ago, I received some Fairchild 664 EQs from the Ed Sullivan TV Show. These each had an extra booster circuit for television use. These boosters were based around a vintage trio of Germanium transistors. 

I designed the Sully pedal as a coloration/boost pedal. Rich harmonics, with an added upper midrange distortion. 

The Sully pedal is limited to purely the transistors on hand. The pedal is a singular transistor design, and each one is pulled from the Ed Sullivan boards. There will be only 40 total of these pedals.


used Satellite Amps Sully Limited serial #27 of 40 signed

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