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used Super Electric Effects Black Bomber

Rangemaster Treble Booster NOS Mullard / Phillips OC141 germanium transistor

hand wired in Ireland by Jimmy Behan 2018

excellent condition


The Super Electric Black Bomber is a germanium booster, based on the Rangemaster boost of the 60s. As well as the boost control, there is also a filter control, which allows for more mid and lower frequencies to pass through for a fuller range boost, as well as the typical treble boost the circuit is known for. At its heart is an OC141 germanium transistor. These NPN transistors allow for a negative ground circuit, and so its power supply may be daisy-chained with other negative ground (most other) pedals. It can be powered by a 9v battery or a standard negative-center 9v power supply


* Selected NOS OC141 germanium transistor
* MKT and polystyrene capacitors * Low noise metal film resistors
* Controls for Boost and Filter
* Shielded cable
* Powered by a 9v battery or negative-center 9v power supply (not included)
* Orange LED
* True bypass switching
* Cliff (UK) jacks
* Black hammerite finish
* Pedal board friendly size box (65 x 120mm)

used Super Electric Effects OC141 Germanium Rangemaster Treble Booster

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