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used Super Electric MKII tone bender

3 NOS (UK) Mullard OC75's

serial #64 hand wired by Jimmy Behan in Ireland w/NOS components

level, attack, battery kill toggle

excellent condition


The Super Electric MkII is a re-creation of the Sola Sound Tone Bender MkII fuzz. Built using wide pitch stripboard, it uses three carefully selected OC75 germanium transistors.
This one uses 9v battery power only and is fitted with a useful on/off switch to prevent drain when not in use. Please note that it does not use an LED.


* Controls for Level (volume) and Attack (fuzz)
* 3x OC75 germanium transistors
* Mullard mustard and MKT capacitors
* Carbon composition resistors
* Shielded cable for low noise operation
* Powered by a 9v battery only
* Battery on/off switch
* Cliff (UK) jacks
* True-bypass switching
* Pedal-board friendly size (65 x 120mm)
* Gold hammerite finish

used Super Electric MKII tone bender (3 x NOS UK Mullard OC75's)

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