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used Tungsten Amplification Transistor Fuzz No.11 (silicon Fuzz Face)

hand wired by Adam Palow of Tungsten Amplification

excellent condition w/original box and all contents


from Tungsten:

The Tungsten Amplification Transistor Fuzz No. 11 is my take on the classic silicon Fuzz Face. It features a BC109 transistor in Q1 and a BC108 in Q2, carbon composition resistors, Mod electrolytic capacitors and Mallory 150 tone capacitor on a classic Fuzz Face pcb. The hardware includes Switchcraft jacks, Lumberg DC jack, Alpha potentiometers and Daka Ware knobs housed in a hand drilled and hand painted Gold hammertone enclosure.

I am tuning these circuits one at a time, dialing in each transistor pair and then using those values to build each circuit board. This is a roaring fuzz with bite and a touch of sizzle. When you roll your guitar volume back, it gets clean, sparkly and spanky. Roll your volume back up into a crushing wall of classic fuzz.

9 Volt DC, center negative power supply only.


used Tungsten Amplification Transistor Fuzz No. 11 (silicon Fuzz Face)

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