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BJFe Baby Blue OD 3K

hand wired by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe) Sweden

BJFe Baby Blue OD 3K

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  • Baby Blue Overdrive (BBOD) - Dynamic pre-amp tube type distortion, although it is technically more of a fuzz pedal with dynamic overdrive features. A classic and one of Bjorn's first designs.

    Baby Blue OD (BBOD) is an overdrive pedal that's ideal for electric guitars and guitar amps set to clean to crunch. It was released on December 16, 2000 and was completed on January 25, 2007 with 500 units produced. This is because the supply of the NOS transistor used internally is no longer possible. However, they may be produced in small numbers each time transistors become available later.

    The earliest BBOD was called "Fuzz1". Technically BBOD is a fusion of discrete circuit designed dynamic overdrive and fuzz. The sound is unique, and it is an overdrive pedal that covers from highly sensitive low gain drive to firm distortion of compression.
    In addition to asymmetrical clipping that creates a waveform that closely resembles the distortion of an ECC83 preamp tube, it creates a round tone by suppressing harmonic content. This is reminiscent of the distortion that occurs when the Push/Pull stage exceeds the limits of the output transformer.

    From a guitarist's point of view, this is the most natural and sweetest overdrive/fuzz pedal.

    BJ once checked out this pedal at a guitar show in Stockholm. At guitar show levels, no other pedal sounded better than this one.
    At this time, the guitarist who had the syndrome of "If you put out a loud sound, you can get a good sound, but if you're too loud, you'll get yelled at and kicked out of the band." It is said that BJ thought that it was his mission to tell. BBOD demonstrates its power in all Fender amps, classic British amps, and jazz choruses, including twin reverbs, which are said to be difficult to control with effectors.

    The BBOD color was originally used on the BJ'63 Stratocaster owned by BJFE, and was reproduced while looking at the color remaining in the spring cavity of the 1961 Stratocaster. In the past, a pink-painted “Baby Pink OD” was produced as a special present for only one unit.

    Drive Knob: A control that allows you to set different types of distortion and a wide range of gain and sustain. If set low, the distortion pattern will be sensitive, and the sound will require careful picking. If you set it higher, the compression will be stronger, and the response will be lower, but you will get stable distortion and the sound will be thicker. This control should start creating sounds around 11:00.

    Treble Knob: Adjusts the high frequency content of the output signal. It is also ideal for adjusting the tone balance between ON and OFF. The BBOD has a particularly high treble response, and even when the Treble knob is set to almost the minimum (counterclockwise maximum), depending on the equipment you combine it with, it may be the best balance. If you want more treble, try setting this knob higher than center (clockwise). Try to start making sounds with this knob around 12:00.

    Vol Knob: Adjusts the balance between the signal level when the effect is off and when it is on. Start by setting it at 12 o'clock and adjust the tone from there.

    BBOD is designed for high impedance guitar pickups. It is made especially for low output models, and when used with low output passive pickups, you can freely adjust the gain with the volume control on the guitar side.
    The output is designed for high input impedance devices such as guitar amps, many effectors, tape echoes, etc. However, if you connect a low input impedance device such as some effectors after the BBOD, it may not work properly. there is. In that case, put something like One Control BJF Buffer in between.

    The BBOD works with a 9V battery or a standard 2.1mm barrel type center negative DC9V adapter. Current consumption is about 3.9mA (2.8mA when the effect is off). When the supply voltage drops, the tone becomes muffled and the LED becomes darker. In that case, replace the battery or check the connected adapter. Battery life is about 110 hours. Current consumption is 1.6mA (ON)/0.6mA (OFF).

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