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BJFe Bone Bender 2 Ru

hand wired by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe) Sweden

BJFe Bone Bender 2 Ru

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  • BJFe Bone Bender 2 (BBRu) - Bjorn expands the classic Mark II tone bender with some added flexibility. Volume, Fuzz, Saturation and Tone knobs. This particular unit is constructed with (3) NOS Russian germanium transistors. These are excellent Russian transistors for this circuit with available feedback and bonus harmonic content.

    from Bjorn: “It is a design that is not at mercy of transistor properties rather the gain of each of the three is used to minimize variances. The Ru's I chose because they sound great in the circuit. They have been consistent but are too low gain for use in Fuzz Face style circuits but overkill for this circuit sort of but excess gain is traded in the circuit for better stability and lower noise.“

    9v standard center negative power supply or battery.

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