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BJFe Fuzz 65

hand wired by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe) Sweden

BJFe Fuzz 65

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  • BJFe Fuzz 65 (F65) - The Fuzz 65 is one Bjorn built in homage to the fuzz sounds used by the Beatles in the studio. For that he had a look at the kind of equipment and cables they were using and in this he consulted his local Beatles historian.

    It’s has three controls:Volume, Fuzz, & Nature – These controls allow at one end the circuit to work like a Tone Bender and at the other end like a Fuzz Face in terms of how the circuit loads the pick up and emphasis of frequency response. This works by dialing between either going straight into the germaniums or via a buffer and in the middle the input is connected through a resistance and that makes the input a voltage type input.

    Check out the groovy artwork inside back plate. Very nice!

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