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BJFe Royal Jelly Pickup Booster

hand wired by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe) Sweden

BJFe Royal Jelly Pickup Booster

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  • BJFe Royal Jelly Pickup Booster (RYB)

    BJFe Royal Jelly Pickup Booster is BJFe's first guitar pickup booster. It features controls for changing pickup resonance and volume.
    The tone created by the coils of a passive guitar pickup has resonant peaks at the edges of its bandwidth. This is due to internal and external capacitance, and how much and what kind of peak it is will also be affected by the load on the pickup. The shape and height of this peak creates various pickup output and tonal characteristics.

    Royal Jelly Boost can adjust this peak. The TB control is a treble boost that allows you to adjust corner frequency and boost level.
    The TC control creates an upper limit for the treble boost and controls the range in which peaks are created.
    The G control is a gain control that adjusts the overall boost level.
    The V control is the volume and adjusts the overall level. This means you can adjust the volume even with high boost.

    This allows you to use it, for example, to strengthen the single coil, increase the gain with the G knob, round the high frequency response with TC, and widen the strength of the upper midrange with TB.

    You can also use Royal Jelly Booster to match the sound of the guitars when using two guitars. You can use it to match the volume while emphasizing the differences in the guitar's original sound.

    Input Impedance: 500K
    Output Impedance: 10K
    Current Consumption 3.5mA
    S/N: -80dB
    Drive Voltage 7-18V

    BJFE Royal Jelly Boost works with a standard 2.1mm barrel type center negative DC7-18V adapter or a 9V battery.

    Type: Booster
    Adapter: 7-18V Center Negative
    Battery Drive: 9V Battery
    Control: V, G, TB, TC

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