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BJFe Silver Bee OD 5K

hand wired by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe) Sweden

BJFe Silver Bee OD 5K

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  • BJFe Silver Bee OD 5K (SBOD5K) - Similar to the Honey Bee but sparklier. Beautiful trebles with great string definition. For those that would like tighter see through lows and sparkling highs. Bjorns take on the Silverface/Silvertone amps of the 60's. S controls the dynamics.

    The BJFE Silver Bee OD 5K is a custom version of the legendary amp-like pedal and BJFE's signature overdrive, the Honey Bee OD.
    A sharp, forward-leaning, glittering tone with a sharp, taut top end reminiscent of Vintage Supro, Silvertone, and Silverface amps. Its tone, which even feels noble, is flexible enough to be used with a low gain and always on.

    In addition to being able to control a wide range of tones with the T and B 2-band equalizer, the unique S knob allows you to adjust the "gritty texture" when strongly picking or strongly distorting. Turning the S knob down will give you the sharpest edge, and turning it up will give you a more roomy tone like a higher output amp. This difference in timbre is very small, and depending on the performance and amp settings, it may not change much, but if you actually play, you will be able to recognize this difference as a big difference.

    ● Control
    V: Adjusts the overall volume.
    D: Adjusts the intensity of distortion.
    T: Controls the tone with a focus on the high frequency components. Adjusts the focus for treble as well as boost and cut.
    B: Adjusts low frequencies and also affects accuracy of response.
    S: Fine-tunes the tone when the attack is strong or when the gain is high.

    The BJFE Silver Bee OD 5K works with a 9V battery or a standard 2.1mm barrel type center negative DC9V adapter.

    Input impedance: 270k
    Output impedance: 25k
    Current consumption: 3.6mA

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