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HTJ-Works Muyojin Horse Ukiyo Edition White

Special Anniversary Edition Bright Horse

made in Japan


This model was designed to commemorate the first anniversary of the release of the Bright Horse. This is a white color. Bright Horse OD The legendary overdrive that no longer needs explanation is made into the HTJ-WORKS style. We have finished the KLON Centaur circuit with a unique point of view. First of all, try the buffer/thru bypass switch on the side and experience its rich midrange entrance (buffer sound). The thick buffer signal is sorted into a clean and drive signal by the amplification section. At first, set the gain to 0, enjoy the sound that is colored to the original tone of the amp, and enjoy the natural gain overdrive sound. The key to sound is the diode that clips it. A germanium diode with sound characteristics close to 1N34A is selected.

・GAIN ・TREBLE ・OUTPUT ・Bypass mode selector switch

Basic Specifications ・Size: Approx. 62×118×39 (excluding protrusions) ・9VDC adapter drive (center minus) * Since the internal pressure is boosted, be sure to use a stabilized center minus 9 VDC. (Negligence due to overvoltage is not covered by the repair warranty) ・9V battery-powered type ・Through/buffer switchable bypass switch LED indicator light * Product specifications and internal parts are subject to change without notice. There is a possibility of malfunction. Be sure to use a regulated 9VDC adapter. * Failures due to applied voltage are not covered by the warranty. It may be damaged. Always use a regulated 9VDC adapter. *Not covered by warranty.

HTJ-Works Muyojin Horse Ukiyo Edition White

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