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KarDiaN C10H12N20 Serotonin


KarDiaN C10H12N20 Serotonin

  • KarDiaN C10H12N20 Serotonin

    "The C10H12N2O / Serotonin was developed to provide the rich midrange and smooth picking response of the Tube Screamer. The "C10H12N2O / Serotonin" was developed to retain these two characteristics while establishing an EQ balance and a wild sounding character that is better suited for the field. Pedals with a distinctive mid-range character can usually be tweaked with a single tone knob, while still retaining their charm. We have developed a circuit that combines two contradictory points: to implement a field-ready tone stack while retaining this unique character. The result is a completely new overdrive sound with a 2EQ tone stack that takes advantage of the magic midrange.

    - SPECS -
    • Input impedance:1MΩ 
    • Output impedance:10kΩ
    • Control : Volume、Drive、Treble、Bass
    • Switching:True Bypass
    • Connecting:1/4 inch standard phone jack x 2 (input, output)
    • Power supply method:9V center minus DC power
    • Current consumption : 7mA
    • Dimension : Width (W) 72 mm, Depth (D) 121 mm, Height (H) 55 mm (including protrusions such as foot switches and jacks)
    • Weight : 288g
    • EAN : 4589825520055
    • Accessories : Warranty card

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