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Moody Sounds Bone Bender 2 kit

designed by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe) w/quality components

Moody Sounds BJF Bone Bender 2 fuzz kit

  • Bone Bender 2 is just like BB1 based on germanium transistors. BB2 has an extra gain stage and it has four control knobs: Tone, Volume, Fuzz and Saturation. Fuzz and Saturation both adjust gain and fuzz and a variety of sounds are possible by setting these two knobs in different combinations. The Tone knob allows you to cut out some of the lower frequencies to get a sharper sound. The bass position of the Tone knob gives you a full range sound. The pedal has lots of gain and the Volume knobs sets the output volume right.

    The Bone Bender 2 kit is designed by Björn Juhl. Together we have developed a kit with a newly designed PCB. 

    The Bone Bender kit includes all the parts needed to build the pedal including pre-drilled enclosure. The kit also includes some modification components for those who want to fine tune the sound.

    DIY kits contain complete instructions and all components needed to build the effect including pre-drilled enclosure. 


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