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Moody Sounds BJF Fuzz Face kit

designed by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe) w/quality components


Moody Sounds BJF Fuzz 109 kit

  • Silicon or germanium in a Fuzz Face? Fuzz 109 has two aggressive BC109C silicon transistors that are connected in classical way, surrounded by passive components, which resistance and capacitance values were chosen with care. The circuit is also furnished with a trimmer for those who want to taste other fuzz flavours and settings.


    In general, Fuzz 109 is a silicon version of the Sparkle Face. The circuits are mainly identical apart from the transistors. You have three control knobs, bias trimmer, true bypass, classic fuzz face frame. But we have a 5k fuzz pot that allows you to dial in a lower fuzz (you can set the same max value as with a 1k pot but you can back off the fuzz to get more laid back sounds too). And we have added a resistor that raises the input impedance. Fuzz 109 is your high gain fuzz DIY fuzz kit!


    The Fuzz 109 kit is designed by Björn Juhl. We have developed a kit with a newly designed PCB to offer from here. Share discussion about this circuit on the BJFE forum. Read more about Bone Bender, Fuzz 109, Sparkle Face and other DIY kits there.


    The Fuzz 109 kit includes all the parts needed to build the pedal including a pre-drilled enclosure. The kit also includes some modification components for those who want to fine tune the sound. Read “About cables and the influence they have on outputs of fuzzes and guitar pick ups”, linked to below, and take a deep dive into how the circuit works and get suggestions for modifications.

    DIY kits contain complete instructions and all components needed to build the effect including pre-drilled enclosure. 


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