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Moody Sounds BJF Heavy Swede Distortion DIY kit

designed by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe) w/quality components

Moody Sounds BJF Heavy Swede Distortion kit

$129.00 Regular Price
$119.00Sale Price
  • Moody Sounds BJF Heavy Swede DIY kit 

    Bjorn's new heavy metal high gain offering in kit form.

    Björn Juhl’s Heavy Swede kit is a real heavy metal pedal. It is equipped with a three-band EQ, and a high cut filter knob. In other words, you get a beefy sound and you can pick out exactly the frequencies where it should sound meaty.

    The construction is not much different from other BJF kits. Well, there is a Single in Line OP, which we have not used in other kits. There are germanium diodes and GE transistors that are assembled in a similar way to other BJF kits. But there are more components and more pots (and more wires) than usual and that can take the difficulty of the build up a bit. The board is mounted on two screws with spacers and nuts so that the construction sits securely in the box.


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