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Olsson Amplification LH20 hand wired two channel head

hand wired by John Olsson

in collaboration with Fredrik Akesson of Opeth

120V cathode bias

2 x EL84  4 x 12AX7

Olsson Little Hill 20 head

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  • Olsson Amplification Little Hill 20 head

    120V standard black tolex version for the US market

    unit includes two button footswitch and IEC.

    Little Hill is master builder John Olsson’s take on a high gain tube amplifier and all his trademarks sounds are here. An extremely versatile amp capable of everything from sparkling clean to serious amounts of gain.

    It is an amp with mind blowing note separation and clarity even at very high gain settings. Dynamics in a way you never experienced with a high gain sound before and a midrange just where you want it, in your face!

    A tight, controlled, and well balanced low end without it getting boomy , flappy or to dominant combined with an open, glittering, top end that never gets harsh or fizzy. It is expressive, fun and inspiring to play without being overly forgiving and wimpy.

    The amp has two completely independent channels, they share no components and can best be described as two amps sharing a power section. So there will be no sound compromising when setting the sound on the two channels.

    Channel 1 is the overdrive channel and goes from mild crunch to serious amounts of 12AX7 tube driven overdrive. It has two different modes, high and low, that will change the overall character of the overdrive sound. High is tighter and modern while the low is warmer and less aggressive.

    You can easily go from sparkling clean to heavy distortion without a big drop in volume just by playing with the volume control. It has that tube compression that we love but without being flat and lacking life like many high gain amps do.

    It is sensitive and super responsive to every little detail in your playing and reacts and answers to small change in your pick attack and finger coloration. This means that it’s also transparent for change of guitar or pedals. Swap to another guitar and you have a different amp! It is what we call playability and inspiring expressiveness. If you know what your doing you will be greatly rewarded.

    Channel 2 is the clean channel, warm yet sparkling, clear yet full and it goes from completely clean to a bit beyond biting crunch. The nature of this channel makes so it really changes the sound character depending on the power of your pickups and playing style. Combined with taking pedals like a dream and you have an amp that can be colored in any direction you need. Achieving sounds that will fit any style of playing.

    The amp has an ultra transparent, super controllable, FET based effects loop. You can set send and return level of the loop independently so it can be used as a volume control for getting those extra dB for a lead sound and/or to get a optimal signal to you effects (for perfect signal to noice ratio).

    The loop can be switched on or off with a foot switch and is completely bypassed when switched of.

    Built and designed to fit the sonic needs of Fredrik Åkesson from Opeth. Thousands of live shows and multiple album recordings makes his expertise valuable in sculpturing this amp. Whether your standing in front of it or you have it miced up, it sounds equally great. Many, many hours have been spent tweeking to get every little detail of the sound exactly like Fredrik wanted it. Test recordings and live shows have been done to make sure it has a sound that translate out were it really matters, to the audience.

    Model:    Little Hill 20

    Mains:    Available in 100, 120, 220 or 230/240V versions, 50/60Hz

                   220V version only avaliable through our Chinese distributor

    Mains voltage tolerance:  +/-10%

    Max power consumption:  85W

    Ambient operating temperature: 0°-35°C

    Max output power:   20W in 4, 8 or 16Ω

    Input impedance:   1MΩ

    FX loop:  Serial with send and return-level adjustments.

    Power tubes:   2 - EL84

    Power amp:   Cathode biased. No BIAS adjustment necessary when changing power tubes.

    Pre amplifier tubes:  4 - 12AX7

    Controls: CH1: Gain, Volume, Bass, Mid, Treble.

                    CH2: Gain, Volume, Bass, Treble

    Dimensions:   cm,

    Weight:    10kg/lbs.

  • Olsson Amplification is now selling amps and cabs direct to consumer.

    Please direct all inquiries to

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