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One Control Anodized Brown Distortion (Brown sound)

Our original Anodized Brown Distortion (ABD) pedal has been one of our most popular distortion pedals, and with several good reasons – great dynamic tones, amp-like response, and rugged anodized aluminum housing and construction for the rigors of the gig. The Anodized Brown is Björn’s effort to make a distortion pedal with all the dynamics and touch sensitivity of the great large tube amps at concert levels in a pedal that easily fits into your gigbag.


Björn said of the original ABD “A tight, fat low end. Free from any artificial treble buzz. A sufficiently solid and organic sound, long-lasting sustain that fades out in a natural way… the Anodized Brown captures all the elements that make up the classic distortion effect. A compact distortion pedal cannot possibly have all these seemingly impossible features. And yet, the Anodized Brown Distortion does it all. It is the pedal that made the impossible a reality.”


For this revamped ABD “4K” model (four knob), BJ took it back to the bench to deliver the original distortion circuit with an enhanced ability to dial this pedal into a wider variety of amplifiers. The added EQ and complementary circuit modifications give more control to have more of a “mastered” sound if needed. The user can dial in more midrange emphasis or scoop these frequencies to allow setting lower gain sounds with more authority and edge. Get your own “brown sound” with the new One Control Anodized Brown Sound 4K!

One Control Anodized Brown Distortion

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