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One Control BJFe Blue Bee OD 4K mini standard

designed by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe)

One Control BJFe Blue Bee OD 4K mini standard

  • One Control BJFe Blue Bee OD 4K mini standard

    The One Control Blue Bee OD 4K Mini is a gain-up version of the Silver Bee OD, which was customized based on the legendary amp-like pedal and BJFE's signature overdrive, the Honey Bee OD. This is one of the most popular overdrives among BJFE original models.

    Although it is a mini size that can be installed on various pedal boards without taking up space, BJF's years of research have made it possible to reproduce the original tone even with small SMD parts.
    The design method for mini pedals is different from traditional handmade pedals that use through-hole parts. Mini pedals are affected by "ghost components" that do not exist as "parts" and do not appear on the circuit, so the sound will be different if they are simply made using the same circuit diagram.
    BJF has considered all influences, from part characteristics to ghost components, to recreate the sound of BJFE's original pedals.
    Since the sound was completely satisfactory to BJF himself, it was possible to release it in mini size. BJFE style is also used in the pedal design.

    The tone characteristics created by the flat low end reminiscent of an American combo amp and the sharp and tense top end are still the same, but with the addition of overtones and slightly stronger distortion.
    The tone is one step more modern than Silver Bee OD. Although the distortion itself is strong, it is a superb tone that combines the clarity characteristic of a jittery guitar.

    The 2-band equalizer is widely controllable, allowing you to freely control the tonal balance. The smooth response to the knobs also contributes to high operability.
    The T knob controls the brightness of the tone, high frequency components, and harmonic components, allowing you to create a drive tone with a beautiful metallic resonance.
    The B knob is centered around low-mid, and allows you to adjust the tone to suit the characteristics of the stage, connected amp, and guitar.

    It has expressive power that allows you to freely control the tone at hand, sharpness in cutting, and a sense of speed, while adding a little thickness to it.

    V: Adjust the overall volume.
    D: Adjust the distortion strength.
    T: Controls the tone with a focus on high frequency components.
    B: Adjust the tonal balance to match the characteristics of the amp, centered around the low-mid range.

    Input impedance: 320k
    Output impedance: 25K
    Drive voltage: 9V center minus
    Current consumption: 3.6mA
    S/N ratio: -80dBm
    Size: 39Wx100Dx31H mm (not including protrusions)
        47Wx100Dx48H mm (including protrusions)
    Weight: Approximately 160 grams ( (200 grams when batteries are inserted)

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