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One Control Sonic Silver Peg (SVT)

The Silver Sonic Peg reproduces the sound of an iconic 70s tube amp with a similar name.  This highly responsive bass pre-amp is adaptable to any style of play.  With a dynamic tone range similar to the original amp, the switch on the side of the enclosure allows for a boost/cut of 15dB.  Evidently, this pedal is perfect for any bass player.


  • Input impedance: 1 M

  • Output impedance: 20K 

  • Drive voltage: 9 V 

  • Consumption current: 2 mA

  • S / N ratio: -90 dB

  • Size: 39 W x 100 D x 31 H mm (not including projections)

       47 W x 100 D x 48 H mm (including projections)

  • Weight: Approximately 160 g

  • True-Bypass Switching

  • High Quality Aluminum Enclosure

  • Power: 9V Battery or Standard DC Power Supply

Bjorn's Description
With every pick of the strings, a certain attack is added which in turn creates power and momentum for the band. And with each slap, thick sustain adds a color to the bass tone, along wit