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One Control Strawberry Red Overdrive RC

new red currant version tuned for humbuckers

The One Control STRAWBERRY RED OVERDRIVE RC is a new modified version of our classic SROD overdrive tweaked again by Björn Juhl to do the classic sound as well as some new modern tones with heightened articulation and note definition.

This is a sound that is not specific to any genre or style of music and could be used in a wide range of musical situations. The STRAWBERRY RED OVERDRIVE RC model has been specially tuned for humbucker-equipped guitars and heavy tones while still having the characteristics of a great high-end tube amplifier.

The original SROD4K was developed to be a versatile overdrive that can bring the dynamics and feel of expensive tube audio circuits to guitarists everywhere, even if playing through small solid-state combos. Our new SRODRC will operate between 9v and 18v for higher headroom operation and a bit more focused tone with wider dynamic range.

Our 4K (four knob) arrangement is:

VOLUME: Adjusts the volume

DRIVE: Adjust the gain level of the overdrive

TREBLE: Adjusts the high-end contour of the tone

LOW: Adjusts the low-end boost/cut

One Control Strawberry Red Overdrive RC

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