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Paperboy Pedals Silicon Stank Face Fuzz P2P

hand wired point to point by Bryce Nichol in California

The Stank Face is a handmade, hand wired, point to point adaptation of the classic Fuzz Face circuit. This pedal features metal can silicon transistors, carbon comp resistors, high quality electrolytic and film capacitors, alpha pots and neutrik jacks. The finish is hydro dipped in teal over smoke grey with a blue LED and silver LED bezel. This pedal has a nice volume boost with tons of texture and clean up is EXCELLENT!!! Achieve different shades of gain with the guitar's volume pot, or crank it all the way for full STANK!

This pedal accepts a standard center negative 9v pedal power adapters, daisy chain safe. For best results please use a quality isolated power supply.

Paperboy Pedals Silicon Stank Face Fuzz P2P

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