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Riveter Electric Brass Tacks P2P

hand wired point to point in Nashville by Shawn Mazzei

w/NOS components

Riveter Electric Brass Tacks P2P

  • Riveter Electric Brass Tacks P2P

    The Brass Tacks starts it’s life as a Rangemaster. It can achieve anything from clean boost to fuzzy, driven tones with incredible clean up with the volume knob. There’s also a unique Frequency control that adds loads of versatility, compared to the classic unit. The Frequency control spans from nasally and sharp tones all the way to wide, wall-of-sound fuzzy type tones. The internal trimpot is a bias control. Stock, it’s set for a slightly higher headroom for dynamic boost/overdrive settings but lower the bias and it gets nasty!

    The Brass Tacks is true bypass, dc jack equipped, and center-negative polarity. No special requirements needed to add to your pedalboard immediately. Point-to-point wired with NOS caps and a 71226 silicon transistor.

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