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Seeker Electric Effects Lineage Series MKI-SOLA


Seeker Electric Effects Lineage Series MKI-SOLA

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  • Seeker Electric Effects Lineage Series MKI-SOLA

    The Lineage Series MKI is a culmination of many years of learning and refining this circuit. It celebrates what the MKI is all about: nasty spitting buzz, cutting midrange, ripping attack and a blooming, sizzling sustain.

    Available in two tuning styles, “Sola” and “System”. Both styles use the same MKI Bender schematic, the “Sola” is a more standard MKI style fuzz, using the values most commonly found in vintage units to recreate the classic 60s fuzz with a squeaky, chirping attack and crunchy sustain with lots of artifacts and harmonic content. The “System” version takes this a step further by adjusting the bias so the attack control can drop the voltage much lower than “Sola”, giving you even more control over the range of tones available. The attack control will sweep from wide open fuzz to gated and compressed with several sweet spots in between. “System” is also slightly higher gain, has more artifact textures and is a bit leaner in low end thanks to a smaller output capacitor. Both versions have the classic LEVEL and ATTACK controls. The original point to point layout is followed closely in the build process, with a modernization in the form of a sturdy custom eyelet/PCB hybrid board. Please specify System or Sola in the checkout comments.

    NOS capacitors and Germanium transistors are used for all MKI’s,

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