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used Custom Tones Ethos Clean-Fusion II (loaded) 

Acive FX loop

HRM EQ bypass

HRM bypass

excellent condition w/original box and instructions


The Clean-Fusion model takes the Ethos Clean w/Fusion Boost Mod and Raises it to another level with 5 Additional Features:

1. The Clean-Fusion provides a second Independent Fusion OD Channel.

2. The Fusion OD Channel includes dedicated Gain and Volume Controls.

3. The Fusion OD Channel is selectable via an On-Board Foot Switch.

4. The Fusion OD Channel includes a Soft Drive Circuit, independent of the Clean Channel. This allows the Clean Channel to be operated in two modes of operation.  Soft Drive ON for natural limiting, or OFF for maximum headroom.


5. The topology is similar to the Dxmble Overdrive Special, whereby the Fusion OD Channel shares the Equalization controls with the Clean Channel.

* Like the Ethos Clean w/Fusion Boost mod, the Clean-Fusion Preamp comes with the latest Guitar Amplifier Compensation (GAC) & Speaker SIM Design Updates.  The new GAC adds Richer Body to your tone.  The Speaker SIM emulates top end compression making it sound better with all types of distortions and overdrives.  

used Custom Tones Ethos Clean-Fusion II Preamp loaded

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