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used Super Electric MKI tone bender

3 NOS (UK) Mullards (1 X Mullard black glass OC75, 2 X Mullard metal can OC42's)

serial #70 hand wired by Jimmy Behan in Ireland w/NOS components

level, attack, battery kill toggle

excellent condition


The Super Electric MkI is a re-creation of the Sola Sound MkI Tone Bender fuzz from the mid 60s.
It uses the stock MkI circuit, solidly built on vintage style wide pitch veroboard with 3 carefully selected germanium transistors.
The Attack control provides a good wide range from very gated sounds to full sustain. This unit uses a log taper for the Attack pot which provides a more gradual change across the range of the pot. The clean up is smooth while crackle and sizzle on the notes decay is kept to a minimum. Unlike some MkIs, the pedal is very low noise in operation, and captures that classic MkI sound perfectly.

Like the original, it is powered by a 9v battery only (not included) with no LED, and also features a handy battery on/off switch at the front to prevent battery drain without having to unplug the input jack.


* 3 selected germanium transistors -Mullard OC75 & OC42 (x2)
* Carbon composition resistors
* Tropical fish and Vishay capacitors
* Shielded cable and very low noise operation
* Wide range on the Attack control
* Battery on/off switch
* True bypass switching
* Cliff (UK) jacks
* Dark gold hammerite finish
* Pedal board friendly size box (65 x 120mm)

used Super Electric MKI tone bender (3 x NOS UK Mullard OC75, OC42's)

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