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used Super Electric Vox tone bender (2 x NOS UK Mullard OC42, OC76)

serial #34 hand wired by Jimmy Behan in Ireland w/NOS components

level, attack, two-way tone toggle, battery kill toggle

excellent condition


The Super Electric Continental is a re-creation of the classic Vox Tone Bender fuzz which uses two carefully selected germanium transistors (OC42 & OC76). It's based on an original 1967 grey Vox Tone Bender (see pic), which I used as a reference.
The original is a particularly good sounding unit, nicely balanced between smooth and raunchy and perfectly biased, with just enough of the raspyness these pedals are famous for without it being over-bearing.

Care was taken in terms of transistor gain selection, in order to perfectly match the original's particular tonal characteristics. The Continental is also fit with a 2-way tone switch which allows for more low end if required. There's also a useful battery on/off switch, so the input jack can be left plugged in without draining the battery. Like the original, it's powered by a 9v battery only with no LED.

Please note that the original Vox Tone Bender pictured is not for sale and is shown for reference only.


* Controls for Level (volume), Attack (fuzz)
* Mullard OC42 & OC76 germanium transistors
* Mullard tropical fish capacitors
* 2-way tone switch
* Battery on/off switch
* Powered by 9v battery (not included)
* Shielded cable for low noise operation
* Cliff (UK) jacks
* True-bypass switching
* Pedal-board friendly size (65 x 120mm)
* Silver hammerite finish


used Super Electric Vox tone bender (2 x NOS UK Mullard OC42, OC76)

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