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used Vemuram Budi-G

mint w/original box and all contents

used Vemuram Budi-G

  • used Vemuram Budi-G

    The “Budi-G" is a new boost pedal followed by the legacy model the “Budi”. The "Budi-G" is wide in range and has a large amount of headroom. Compared to the general clean boost pedals, our feature is being able to control the “Gritty Gain” which is subtle but has the perfect amount of grit for this new boost pedal. Being able to control the subtle gain, it stacks very well with other drive pedals and lets you allow to push your tube amp without lacking the bold and rich tone in a natural-sounding way. The "Budi-G" is versatile and very dynamic, it is equipped with 2 band EQs (Bass & Treble) and a SAT(saturation) trim pot which allows you to fine-tune and control your equipment and gear. Please enjoy the "Budi-G" to obtain the “GRIT” to your sound.



    3 FET (Field Effect Transistor)


    Boost, Bass, Gain, Treble / Saturation Trimmer




    Input, Output


    006P (9 Volt Battery) or 9Volt regulated AC/DC adapter(Center Negative)





    Current Draw:

    2 m/A

    All of our pedals are compatible with 18V except for our fuzz pedals.
    But we do not recommend using 18V because it is made and designed for 9V.
    *Please advise we cannot take any responsibilities for any damages using voltages higher than 9V.

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