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vintage BJFe Pink Purple Fuzz

excellent condition w/original box and instructions circa 2007

vintage BJFe Pink Purple Fuzz (Elfa) #153

Out of Stock
  • Pink Purple Fuzz (PPF) - Vintage fuzz updated (released 9th March 2002, retired October 2007, 179 made). The PPF was originally designed for a Fender Stratocaster with a Seymour Duncan QP in bridge. This pedal was discontinued due to parts shortage and because the controls were not quite traditional. With regards to the controls, if you set the Nature control at noon then turning it clockwise will attenuate the highs quite a bit when fully clockwise and when you turn it counter-clockwise from noon you boost low mids and bass. The reason for this type of control is partly so that the filtering can follow the fuzz level and also so an overdrive type sound can be obtained when setting Nature at clockwise and also so that with brighter amps the critical treble can be trimmed from somewhat nasal at Nature clockwise to where it just opens up with Nature slightly backed off. On darker amps this portion of the Nature control may make less sense to none at all, while with some brighter amps it can be the exact line between bright and an icepick. The shade of colour was originally mixed from fiesta red, baby blue and baby pink. Some other individual pedal differences are:
    - Serial number #135 is called "Li'L Liam Fuzz" (see note below).
    - Serial number #139 is called "Blueberry Fuzz" (see note below).
    - Serial number #142 is called "Baltic Blue Fuzz" (see note below).
    This sound is unconventional and maybe considered a bit weird and actually is part of the reason PPF was discontinued - the PPF was confusing for people because it was neither a traditional fuzz nor overdrive nor distortion. The backplate artwork is the ear and earring from a Tremolo Troll.

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