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BJFe AC Fuzz silver

hand wired by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe)

BJFe AC Fuzz silver

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  • BJFe AC Fuzz silver (ACF) - the AC Fuzz is a new design that is made to behave like a Fuzz Face, albeit with playability above the 7th fret and have sustain. It behaves like a Fuzz Face in the terms of how the volume control on the guitar interacts. Cleans up well. In addition, the AC fuzz has two tone controls to allow matching to many different amplifiers and the controls work like this:

    V sets volume. A sets fuzz intensity. M is a midrange control that is flat at fully cw and cuts mids gradually as it is turned ccw. F sets the frequency of the midnotch.

    Often when adding fuzzes to amplifiers the sound can get hard and it is difficult to set the tone controls. Often when the tone controls on your amp are set to work with a fuzz, the clean sound is dull. Research turned up that it is not so much treble as it is mids that makes it hard to adapt fuzz to many amplifiers: Cutting a bit of the mids at the right spot can reduce hardness in sound. 

    Bonus: this fuzz loves wah's.

    3 x AC127 germanium transistors

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