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BJFe Arctic White Fuzz 4K

hand wired by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe) Sweden

BJFe Arctic White Fuzz 4K

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  • Arctic White Fuzz (AWF4) - From clean to fuzzy overdrive to vintage fuzzy growl. Bjorn created this hybrid FF/TB dual transistor fuzz to cut through the mix. Four knobs for extra control over your tone and grit housed in a white nitro finished enclosure.

    from Bjorn:

    Attack control on AWF 4 is a gain control and as such allows different combinations with the Fuzz control

    Technically the Fuzz control sets the sensitivity at the input whereas the Attack control sets maximum gain of the circuit

    In use though setting both at say noon gives less complex tone than if 'A' control is on max and it is also useful especially at very loud volumes to be able to control the amount of overtones versus clarity

    The internal trimpot is for bias and is set at a point where maximum dynamics seen from totally clean to maxed out fuzz to give a progressive onset of fuzz.

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