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BJFe Blue Bee OD

hand wired by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe) Sweden

BJFe Blue Bee OD

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  • BJFe Blue Bee OD (BLB) - What do you get if you add more available gain and luxury trebles on tap to a Silver Bee (Silverface/Silvertone)?An OD that is still dynamic, with lots of string definition,  smooth with a lot of overtones and yet has a bite that can cut through the mix. Most of these units ended up in the far east, as this model was a requested custom build from a Japanese artist.  

    BJFe Blue Bee OD is a gained-up version of Silver Bee OD customized based on the legendary amp-like pedal and BJFe's representative overdrive, Honey Bee OD.

    The flat low end reminiscent of an American combo amp and the sharp and tense top end create the same tone characteristics, but with the addition of overtones and a little stronger distortion.
    The tone is one step more modern than the Silver Bee OD.
    The B and T knobs allow you to adjust the balance between the high and low frequencies of the tone. Smooth responsiveness to knobs also contributes to high operability.

    It has expressive power that allows you to freely control the tone at your fingertips, sharpness in cutting, and a sense of speed, while adding a little thickness to it.

    VOLUME: Adjusts the overall volume.
    DRIVE: Adjusts the intensity of distortion.
    TREBLE: Controls the tone with a focus on the high frequency components.
    BASS: Adjusts the tone balance to match the characteristics of the amplifier, centered around the low-mid range.

    The BJFe Blue Bee OD works with a 9V battery or a standard 2.1mm barrel type center negative DC9V adapter.

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