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BJFe BlueBerry Bass OD 4K

hand wired by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe) Sweden

BJFe BlueBerry Bass OD 4K

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  • BJFe BlueBerry Bass OD 4K (3BOD4K) - voiced like the original 3BOD but with an expanded EQ with separate bass and treble controls for more tonal variety. Great for both bass and guitar. 

    The BJFe Blueberry BOD 4K is an evolution of BJFe's standard overdrive for bass, the Blueberry Bass Overdrive (3BOD).
    Flat, high response, warm overdrive. The tone is reminiscent of a vacuum tube, and although the sound is not hard, it has a core.
    While maintaining the characteristics of such 3BOD, we also covered modern tones. The 2-band EQ with the T and B knobs has a wider range of adjustment, and by expanding the EQ of the overall tone you can also achieve more modern tones. It is possible to create the tone necessary for today's bass while retaining the naturalness of the 3BOD.

    from Bjorn: "To achieve the original 3BOD tones from the 4K: just set Treble to zero and Bass does the same thing clockwise as the single Tone control on the 3K did counterclockwise".

    With this latest iteration, you can enjoy all the original tones of the 3BOD plus an extended palate of warm tubey goodness.

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