BJFe BlueBerryy Bass OD Futura X

hand wired by Bjorn Juhl

BJFe BlueBerry Bass OD Futura X

  • BJFe BlueBerry Bass OD Futura X (3BODX) - BJFe Blueberry Futura X is an evolution of BJFe's classic bass overdrive, the Blueberry Bass Overdrive (3BOD). Flat, high response, warm overdrive. The tone is reminiscent of a vacuum tube, and although the sound is not hard, it has a core. While maintaining the characteristics of the original 3BOD, it also covers modern tones. The 2-band EQ with Treble and Bass knobs allows for a wider range of adjustment, and the distortion produced by the Drive knob reaches higher gains. And by shifting the balance of the entire tone to a more modern tone, it is possible to create the tone required for the current bass while retaining the naturalness of the 3BOD. Equally great on bass and guitar.

    V: Adjusts the volume.

    D: Adjusts the strength of distortion.

    T: Adjusts the output of high frequencies.

    B: Adjusts the output of low frequencies.