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BJFe Bone Bender 1

hand wired by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe) Sweden

BJFe Bone Bender1

  • BJFe Bone Bender 1 (BB1) - The BB1 is Bjorn's take on the classic Tone Bender circuit. It's full of all the vintage tone and fuzz nuance you would expect from a vintage fuzz but the added bias allows you to shape the character of the fuzz from MKI spit and sputter to MKII saturated growl. Made using vintage NOS British military grade CV7112 germanium transistors (mil-spec OC140). The input buffer is a modern transistor to gain some signal to noise ratio and allows it to power from a standard 9v center negative supply without the need for isolation.

    The sound is a controllable fuzz pedal that can be used like an overdrive, and you can easily change the expression of the tone by controlling the guitar's volume or adjusting the force with your hand.

    In addition, the Bias control allows you to control the overall character of the pedal, from a clean tone with a unique atmosphere with almost no distortion to a modern, well-balanced strong distortion.

    The VOL knob adjusts the overall volume.
    The ATTACK knob adjusts the strength of distortion. You can change the strength of distortion by combining it with the Bias knob. The Bias knob adjusts the overall texture of the distortion. Basically, if you lower it, the distortion will be weaker, and if you raise it, the distortion will become stronger.

    The BBI works with a 9V battery or a standard 2.1mm barrel type center negative adapter.

    Type: Fuzz (for guitar)
    Adapter: 9V center negative
    battery Power: 9V battery
    Control: VOL, ATTACK, BIAS

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