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BJFe Deep Green MiniVibe

hand wired by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe) Sweden

BJFe Deep Green MiniVibe

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  • BJFe Deep Green MiniVibe

    The BJFe Deep Green MiniVibe is designed to give an organ type of vibrato similar in sound to early electronic organs and some tube amplifiers with true vibrato. Björn describes the DGMV: "This is the latest upgrade that uses extended speed range, depth and volume controls aligned to most wanted use and adjusted frequency response for more see through response. "It is designed to sound quite different from that obtained from phase shifters and the Uni-Vibe, in that it will have less phase distortion, and different from vibrato obtained from certain chorus pedals, in that it is not a comb-filter which tends to give a metal quality to sound. There is a classical sound to be caught - rarely before obtainable with a guitar, in a portable format, driven from a 9 Volt battery or a 9V power supply.

    The BJFe Deep Green MiniVibe Mini is a compact vibrato pedal that was inspired by the organ vibrato of the 60's and has enhanced operability.

    Reproduces the vibrato of an early electric organ played with a tube amp. Compared to many phase shifters and uni-vibes, it features less distortion and a transparent tone. 

    The unique vibrato, which does not add extra color to the tone and is different from many modulation effects, at the same time has a classical tone and can create undulations that are similar to uni-vibe. The clear and transparent tone matches the modern music scene, not just a sound that goes up and down like a tremolo effect.
    Therefore, you can easily add a classical texture to modern songs.
    This is an exquisite tone that can only be created with the unique circuitry of the Deep Green MiniVibe. The vibrato tones found in vintage amps from the '50s have something in common.

    In addition, although it is a high-quality modulation effect, it consumes little current and can be used for a long time even with batteries. The modulation speed is indicated by a flashing LED, allowing you to instantly check the current setting. With modern operability such as a true bypass footswitch and heavy-duty housing, you can also enjoy the vintage texture every time you use it with a paint that makes it easy to taste.


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