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BJFe Echo Machine 5 Resurrected serial #1 of 2

hand wired by Bjorn Juhl (BJFe) Sweden

BJFe Echo Machine 5 Resurrected #1 of 2

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  • BJFe Echo Machine 5 Resurrected serial #1 of 2

    Bjorn built and tuned this iconic tape echo delay on a Takota Echo Machinex PCB utilizing the Mitsubishi M65831AP chip. Even though an analog-voiced digital delay, some luscious vintage tape echo delay sounds can be found within. From slapback to full on self-oscillation, we understand the allure. Quite transparent to your guitar signal, with maybe a little coloration on the repeats. A slight volume bump when engaged, with a touch more mid content. Extremely musical and versatile. With the Echo knob off it is a little tone sweetener. Works front of amp, in the effects loop and paired with overdrives.

    Controls: Speed, Repeats, Echo

    9V battery or PSU

    The original Ibanez EM5 was marketed back in the 90's. It has become sort of a cult classic due to the great tones, but many are rehoused due to the cheap plastic enclosure and wonky footswitch of the originals. Here is a road-worthy alternative built by Bjorn himself.

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