BJFe Flame Top

hand wired by Bjorn Juhl

BJFe Flame Top

  • BJFe Flame Top OD (FLT) - The BJFe Flame Top is yet another modern classic from the lair of the modern master of guitar effects - Björn Juhl. For years the search for the ultimate transparent and amp like overdrive pedal has been haunting the guitar community. We feel that the Flame Top Overdrive from BJFe might be one of the better candidates in that arena that we've heard in a longtime. Not taking any obvious inspiration from famous "transparent" overdrive circuits like TS or Bluesbreaker styled circuits the Flame Top delivers clear, dynamic and rich overdrive tone that melds perfectly with your clean tone. Need some extra shimmering high end or maybe tame some of the presence? The musical tone control got you covered no matter in which direction you need to go. The BJFe Flame Top is the obvious extension of your existing tone - adding that mild drive and dynamics that'll help take your tone to the next level.

    Features: 9 volt or battery operation. Drive control for the amount of distortion. Volume control to either push or keep your signal at unity. Treble control to perfectly match the overdrive to fit your rig. True bypass switching to keep your sound pure at all times.

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